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The activity of the founder of the company in the field of logistics began in 2011, when, after starting the business of supplying raw materials, he realized that cargo logistics played a pivotal role in determining the competitiveness of any enterprise. Recognizing the significance of fast, timely, and cost-effective cargo delivery for securing long-term cooperation with customers, our founder delved into the world of logistics with determination.

Over the years, our journey in the logistics industry led us to actively collaborate with customers, resolving common challenges and refining our expertise in the cargo transportation sector. Impressed by our ability to negotiate the best cargo transportation conditions and deliver operational efficiency, our customers and partners sought our assistance in organizing their cargo transportation needs. Thus, the roots of our freight forwarding services were firmly established.

As the volume of cargo transportation for external customers surged, we diligently sought ways to maximize automation and streamline processes. In 2018, we embarked on the development of our proprietary IT platform, which became an integral part of our daily operations for organizing cargo transportation. Listening attentively to the feedback from our customers, we continuously improved and enhanced the application’s functionality to cater to their needs.

To our delight, our clients found immense value and convenience in using our innovative IT platform, prompting requests for its external usage. This realization marked a turning point, motivating us to ensure that the platform was not only indispensable for our internal use but also served as an exceptional tool for external companies. We dedicated ourselves to refining its benefits and user-friendliness, enriching the overall experience for our customers.

With the volume of cargo transportation reaching thousands of containers annually, we recognized the need to streamline our operations and separate the logistics IT platform development and cargo transportation business from the raw material sourcing activities. In 2022, we took a significant step forward and established Cargo 4S as a separate entity, consolidating over a decade’s worth of cargo forwarding experience, expertise, and innovation, along with the continued evolution of our IT platform.

Today, Cargo 4S stands as a credible and experienced logistics partner, driven by a strong commitment to delivering top-notch cargo transportation solutions and an unwavering dedication to innovation. Our journey continues, fueled by the desire to revolutionize freight shipping and elevate the industry to new heights.


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