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Welcome to Cargo 4S, where cargo shipping is redefined.

By becoming a member of our Cargo 4S Club, you gain access to a large shipping group with strong negotiation power, granting you shipping rates usually reserved for large corporations. Leave behind the time-consuming tasks of searching for carriers, negotiating terms, and managing unforeseen situations. Our dedicated team of experts, backed by our cutting-edge IT platform, ensures a seamless and stress-free cargo shipping experience. Save valuable time and resources that you can now focus on developing your core business.



Our Solutions

End-to-End Solutions for Your Cargo Shipping Needs. Cargo 4S provides comprehensive sea freight solutions to cater to all your logistics requirements:

Sea Freight

Extensive network of sea freight coverage.

With long-standing experience in transporting cargo by sea, Cargo 4S covers all continents and maintains valuable contracts with all major shipping lines. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures the highest quality services, providing you with a reliable and efficient sea freight solution.

Road Freight

Efficient road transport services.

Our extensive network of road/trucking coverage guarantees seamless inland transportation services, be it delivering cargo to an origin port or providing last-mile delivery to the final destination. Trust in our road freight expertise for efficient and timely shipment.

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End-to-End Solutions for Your Cargo Shipping Needs.
Cargo 4S provides comprehensive solutions to cater to all your logistics requirements:

Expert guidance: Rely on our seasoned professionals for tailored solutions, valuable advice, and unmatched expertise.

Comprehensive Transport Solutions: Whether it’s ships, planes, trucks, or rails, we ensure your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly.

One-Stop Shop: Embrace convenience with a wide array of our additional services, including Customs Clearance, Cargo Fumigation, Insurance Coverage, Law of the Sea Services, and Cargo Certificates, among others.

Stress-Free Experience: Rest assured as our team takes care of every aspect of your shipment, leaving you worry-free.

Other Services

Comprehensive Support for Your Convenience.
We go the extra mile to fulfill the needs of our esteemed Cargo 4S Club members. Choose from our wide range of additional services, including:

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Gain a new shipping experience with Cargo 4S’s modern IT platform. 
Designed with one goal in mind – to provide you with the best possible experience – our platform ensures effortless management of your cargo from start to finish: 

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