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Empowering Your Success: Our Unique Operating Model

Our Solutions

At Cargo 4S, our distinctiveness lies in our unique operating model, which enables us to deliver effective and comprehensive solutions to our esteemed club members. Leveraging the size, negotiating power, and synergies of the Cargo 4S group, we go beyond standard freight forwarding to provide better, more complex solutions. Our approach involves expanding routes, opening new markets for our clients, negotiating favorable prices, and embracing technological advancements. By optimizing processes and prioritizing customer-centricity, we empower our club members to become more competitive in their industries. Irrespective of your cargo volume or business size, our dedicated team treats each customer with utmost care, striving to deliver tailor-made solutions that precisely meet their unique needs.

Strategic Advantages

Full Scope of Sea Freight Service

Our range of services covers all your cargo shipping needs from A to Z. Whether it's by sea or road, we ensure a seamless and reliable transportation experience.

Whole Group Long-Term Contracts

By leveraging the size of the Cargo 4S club, we negotiate contract prices on behalf of the entire group. This grants you access to cost-efficient shipping solutions, resulting in substantial savings for your business.

Transparent Process

Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations. Guided by our commitment to openness, our clear and understandable process, along with transparent pricing and open communication, ensures you have full visibility and control over your shipments.

Comprehensive Sea Freight Solutions

Sea Freight

At Cargo 4S, our greatest expertise lies in sea freight. With a vast network that spans all continents, we offer hundreds of destinations, ensuring that no matter where your cargo needs to go, we can get it there. Our services are especially efficient for importing or exporting cargos via Baltic countries’ ports, but our reach extends far beyond, catering to a global clientele. 

We pride ourselves on providing instant access to shipment schedules, along with real-time monitoring of your cargo. This level of transparency and information availability is part of our commitment to delivering a superior sea freight experience, blending expertise with comprehensive global coverage.

Road Freight

Cargo 4S’s road freight solutions are designed to offer the utmost convenience and efficiency. Our door-to-door service ensures seamless delivery from the start to the end of your shipment’s journey, perfectly complementing our sea freight offerings. This integration is especially beneficial for cargos that require a combination of sea and land transportation, providing a cohesive and hassle-free experience. 

Additionally, we offer rail haulage options, expanding the possibilities for your cargo transportation needs. Whether it’s the final mile delivery or a comprehensive road journey, our road freight solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring timely and secure delivery every time.

Support for
Hassle-Free Shipping

Customs Clearance

Cargo 4S promptly handles all customs formalities and document organization, allowing you to conserve resources and focus on your core business. With our efficient customs clearance services, your shipments move smoothly across borders.

Cargo Fumigation

Our reliable and certified cargo fumigation services safeguard your cargo from pests, ensuring the elimination of insect pests, mites, or other harmful organisms. We provide fumigation for cargo on ships, in sea containers, wagons, or cargo storage areas. Opt for our on-site or port-based fumigation services for maximum convenience.

Insurance Coverage

Ship with confidence under our  comprehensive insurance policy designed to cover a wide range of risks. Benefiting from the Cargo 4S group’s large volume of shipments, we secure advantageous terms for extensive coverage that includes general risks and specific threats such as piracy. With Cargo 4S, you can ship with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your cargo is well-protected under our exceptional insurance solution.

Law of the Sea Services

By cooperating with experts in maritime law who have accumulated diverse experience in this field, we provide an additional layer of security and ensure the opportunity for our clients to receive comprehensive representation for negotiations and dispute resolution. As a Cargo 4S client, you can be sure that you can get these legal services on attractive terms, thanks to the favorable conditions we have negotiated with our legal partners. Benefit from this exceptional legal support to safeguard your interests and enhance the security of your shipments.

Cargo Certificates

Simplify your compliance requirements with Cargo 4S. We prepare all necessary cargo-related certificates and compliance documents, including Country of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate, Declaration of Conformity, and more. Rest assured that your cargo documentation is handled efficiently and accurately.

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